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Twin Flame Energy Healing


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Twin Flame Energy Healing



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Twin Flame Energy Healing Intensive:

This healing comprises of 30 healings which I do daily from Monday to Friday over the course of 6 consecutive weeks.

The purpose of this healing is to raise your consciousness and move you out of victim consciousness and into deep self-love, surrender and acceptance. This healing helps to bring your energy back to yourself and puts you into your power so that you are no longer chasing your TF or thinking of them obsessively. To embody the spiritual lessons of the TF experience you need to move into a deep awareness of yourself  to understand your patterns to free you of your ego and pain body.

This intensive heals the energy between you and your TF , making the experience easy rather than painful.

I mentor you through the process via whatsapp which means that I am available to answer any questions and to guide you through any processing which the healing may bring out.

This package includes the following pdfs:

-The details of the healing

-Information on the different consciousnesses such as 3D, 4D and 5D and understanding what 5D healing is.

For the healing, I will need your full name and your TF’s name, a recent photo of you and preferably your TF and your number, including international dialing code so that I can add you to whatsapp. I highly recommend that you set an intention for yourself in order to get the deepest healing and shift for yourself.

Cost $4oous


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