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Energy Healing


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One on one mentoring sessions

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Energy Healing:

Energy healing is an ongoing tool and I therefore only do healing packages because this gives you the best results.

The purpose of all of the healings that I have developed are for you to live an abundant happy life.  I have come to know that everything that we experience in our reality is about relationships and how we relate to ourselves, circumstances, others, life, Source etc. I therefore work on healing relationships.

Here is a general list of possible relationships to be healed:

Your relationship to another person ie, a lover or past lover, a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a colleague, a spouse, someone who has passed away etc

Your relationship to your body

Your relationship to yourself

Your relationship to life

Your relationship to Source

Your relationship to money

Your relationship to food

Your relationship to work

Your relationship to nature

etc etc etc

The healings work at clearing all ego and pain body patterns and programmes through all time, space, realities, dimensions and lifetimes. We expand self awareness, which expands consciousness.

Energy healing helps the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies allowing to improve health issues and giving one a sense of peace and well being by improving the way we relate to ourselves and life.

Everything is about love and learning to love and accept ourselves and all others. When we reconnect to the true essence of our being we lose the separation which is created by the ego and then we truly live and abundant happy life.

I highly recommend that you set an intention of what you would like heal, shift, work on, release, change or attract into your life. I will need a recent photo, your full name and your cell number including international dialing code for me to add you to whatsapp.

$65us = 4 sessions per month (one session a week for 4 consecutive weeks)

$250us = 20 sessions (one session a day from Monday to friday for 4 consecutive weeks)

Additional information

Energy Healing Sessions

4x Sessions per month, 20x Sessions per month


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