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Daily Energy Body alignments


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Daily Energy Body alignments



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Daily Energy Body alignments:

Even though I have given all the information on how to do this for yourself in the free resource library, I find that some people prefer to have it done for them.

This helps to keep you centered, calm and grounded through the day. Some people like to only book a month if they are going through a stressful time, while others book every month because they love the ongoing support and sense of well being it gives them.

I do 20 energy body alignments in total, from Monday to Friday for 4 consecutive weeks. I ground you, clear out your 4 bodies, balance your chakras, connect you to the light and do a soul alignment to your highest vibration of source consciousness, love and light.

For the alignments I will need your full name and a recent photo and your cell number, including international dialing code so that I can add you to whatsapp.

Cost $100us


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