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I never believed in energy healing and other things, it’s all weird for me, however I started seeing a different perspective on it and am really amazed at how well it works. Rosemarie worked on me and my family, my son used to sleep walk most nights, since she has worked on him, he has only sleep walked once.

My daughter used to bang her head every time she throws a tantrum, since Rosemarie has worked on her she hardly does it now.

I am a chronic asthmatic, I always had my inhaler by my side, I slept with it and used my inhaler at least 6 to 8 times a day.

Since Rosemarie worked on my asthma, I don’t need to keep my inhaler by my side as my chest is clear.

I also have a very traumatic past which is deep and only I know about it, nobody else, but Rosemarie messaged me to say that she has worked on me and she had picked up very deep trauma, I was very emotional for a few days after, but ever since then I started to feel better, I started to see life better, all thanks to you Rosemarie.

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