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I appealed to Rosemarie to help me with some issues I was having, physical and mental/emotional. We did some sessions in person but the majority were done as distance sessions.

After a couple of weeks of this I suddenly realised that an issue that I have been suffering with since 2010, where I fractured a small bone in my foot in a indoor climbing incident, had disappeared.

Every morning, as well as after long periods of sitting still, I wouldn’t be able to walk due to excruciating pain in this foot. It was like there had been some lactic acid build up or something, and it would take a minute or so of walking to get this pain to go away and for me to be able to walk normally.

This, strangely enough was not the issue that I had asked her to work on as I imagined it was something I was stuck with. I am extremely grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for me and the animals I have asked her to work with as well.
She conducts herself in a very professional yet caring manner and is dedicated to her clients.

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