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Rosemarie has been doing energy healing sessions, remotely for me for the past few months. I’ll be honest I was skeptical in the beginning. It really hit home when I was having a particularly stressful time at work – I had to dismiss someone – and I walked out the office into the Sun and smiled and felt great – which was absolutely absurd – when Rosemarie called me to say she’s just completed a healing on me.

It’s quite amazing the amount of baggage we carry around with us on a daily basis – without even knowing it. We see it as our lot in life – yet it’s completely unnecessary. We have the right to feel like we’ve just climbed out that relaxing warm bath and are sitting with our animals in the fireplace, every day.

We can really be light, joyful, engaging, positive, without trying to force ourselves. There is a way we can just shine. I haven’t found it yet, but Rosemarie certainly has, and she’s teaching me to allow my inner child to play, to not carry baggage that doesn’t belong to me, to be more present, and all those good things. These really are the foundation lessons to happiness. It’s unfortunate that they don’t teach this to us at school.

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