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Twin Flames – What 5d Union Healing Can Do For You On The Twin Flame Journey

Twin flames – what 5d Union Healing can do for you on the Twin Flame Journey

I started looking at 5D union healing with my twin soul a while back because I just couldn’t keep up with the struggle of the constant energetic connection.
I felt like I was never at peace because my energy was being taken to him and I felt like it was out of my control.
What also really made me struggle was the fact that in real life the man I had the twin flame experience with was not and is not a part of my life. Here I was permanently connected to a man that wants nothing to do with me.
This freaked me out so much from a perspective of self love and self respect. In my opinion being attached to a man that doesn’t see my value at all is the most devaluing thing I could possibly do to myself.
Nothing I did could disconnect me energetically from this man. I am extremely grateful to our soul contract and what it has done for me but I felt imprisoned by the energetic tie.
I was guided to the 5D union healing when I was really at my wits end. I got to the point where I realised fully that there is absolutely nothing unlovable about me and I needed to find a solution to the energetic entanglement which was no longer serving me.
The first thing that I was guided to do was to make best friends with the man in my mind. This was way out of my comfort zone! I felt completely bat shit crazy in fact!! But I chose to surrender to what I was being guided to do because my way was not working for me anymore.
I saw that I had to see the relationship in a completely different perspective from anything I had come to know and push my boundaries. So I did. I chose to talk to him and listen when I heard him talk in my head. I fully embraced the energetic connection and I found it fun and joyful to experience the connection this way finally. Every time he showed up in me I had zero resistance.
At the same time that I embraced him energetically I started doing 5D energy healings for us. This has been a complete game changer for me. It has literally brought my energy back to myself and made me present in my life again.
It has deepened and strengthened my self respect and self love and raised my standards to infinity and beyond.
I have definitely been given a lot to process in how I now view the relationship that I have with this soul and to be quite honest he finally doesn’t feature in my life anymore. I mean this in the way that I see what is good for me and what is not and I see my energy as absolute gold and I am now back in my power to choose where my energy goes. Where before I had absolutely no control at all!!!
Yes I still think about him, but it is with almost zero intensity. He is almost like any other thought. (Perhaps he will be gently in my thoughts daily for the rest of my life or maybe one day I will look back and realise that I don’t think of him at all, this I can’t say, but it makes no difference to me anymore either way). This started within the first week of me doing the first healing and it has been 4 weeks now and each day I am brought more and more to myself and he is less and less anything other than the catalyst to a beautiful awakening for me. Which is in truth what he presented himself to me as.
I don’t question any of it anymore. I have no attachment to him or what he may or may not be to me. I see life in the here and now, in this moment and this current reality and make my choices based of what serves my higher good and what makes me feel loved and in my power.
My power has come back to me after 18 months of it being entangled with another. I am me again, but with more tools and more me than ever before!
Thank goodness for 5D union healing! I don’t have the 3D struggle in the same way as before, I am able to live like I did before I met him but even better.
Yes I am still given things to process, but I am processing it from a space of self love. I am now in a space of abundance, unity and ease in this connection. Lack, separation and burden has left the building.
In all of this I am seeing this as another stage to the healing process in the twin flame experience, it is energetic healing. We get so hung up on the 3D experience and it not being easy and not being fulfilling so we reject any energetic connection.
At the same time I see that I have had to go through the 3D experience exactly as I have to get to where I am now in my own consciousness. Everything has played out perfectly! I see 5D union healing as a progression on the journey to take you full circle back to yourself.
I have had to go through the stages of this soul journey to reach a point where I was ready to have 5D healing and fully embrace the energetic connection. I see that I was ready for the energetic union when I was ready to fully let go of the 3D idea of the connection.
Sending infinite love
Twin Flame Healing
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