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Twin Flames – Learning To Trust Your Process And Letting Go Of All Resistance

Twin Flames – learning to trust your process and letting go of all resistance

“Everything is always happening for your higher good, exactly as it is happening…Let go and trust that!”

I adopted a mantra years ago which is the ultimate reminder of surrender…“It is what it is.”
Those five words helped me to let go of resisting what my reality was or what my reality is. As the years have passed, its meaning in my life has gotten deeper and deeper as I have grown.
In the last year I have adopted a new mantra, “There is no such thing as a mistake.”
These 8 words reinforce that everything happens for a reason and perfectly as it is meant to. No regrets over the past and no doubt over being part of a divine plan.
Learning to trust your process on the twin flame journey or any part of your journey in life gives you heaps of peace, because you trust and have faith in absolutely EVERYTHING that is happening, which is a very powerful energy shift.
You stop questioning and resisting and you rather put your energy into accepting and being.
The only thing that we can control in this life is ourselves. We can’t control another person or any external circumstances so if we can master ourselves anything external no longer effects us unless we give it the power to do so.
How we choose to feed ourselves energetically is our choice. We can change anything inside ourselves with a perspective shift.
Twin flame connections do teach us very deep soul lessons in a very amplified unique way if we just go with the flow….Don’t resist the reality of what it is, no matter what it is.
You have to remember that your twin flame is their own person and has free will. You have to respect their journey and choices.
When we put all of our trust and faith into a higher power with the knowing that everything is ok and happening for our higher good and as it is meant to be happening we take an enormous burden off of ourselves.
Trust and faith shifts your perspective from being a victim of circumstance, to being a divinely supported and guided soul.
Trust and faith opens us to our lessons rather than trying to control and manipulate external circumstances, which are beyond our control.
Everything is happening for us, always!
I know how tough this journey can be, but the struggle is in yourself. There is no fight with your twin flame or with your circumstance. We create the struggle inside of ourselves the moment we choose to resist our reality and want something different to what is.
You don’t need to smile or laugh or be happy in your acceptance. You can grieve and cry for your pain of a different reality to what you had hoped for, but just accept things as they are. I believe that grieving for yourself is really important and of the most therapeutic tears you will ever cry.
When you are over your pain you will feel more free, because you will have chosen honesty with yourself over believing something to be different from what it is.
The universe really does always have our backs. We might not always be able to see that clearly in the thick of suffering, but in truth everything is happening for our higher good. We need to have our lessons to grow and for some reason we grow more through pain than any other way.
I have found that the deeper I have learned to trust and have faith the lessons have come faster and the pain has become less and less.
When I look back on my life now I can see how I had to learn things the way I did and I can see how I have always been the reason for my own suffering in that I had always been unable to accept my reality as it is, resisting and wanting something different.
We will keep repeating the same situations and pains in life until we learn the lessons. Once I started getting the lessons my reality started to shift along with my perspective and of course a huge detachment from a massive amount of suffering. It gave me more freedom from within.
It takes practice to get to the ultimate trust and faith, but you have to commit to creating the awareness inside yourself and taking the new action to retrain yourself to shift your perspective and get freedom from suffering… but it is so worth it.
Learn to trust your process and go with the flow…
Sending all infinite love
Twin Flame Healing
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