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Twin Flames – How Do I Begin The Process Of Healing Myself?

Twin Flames – how do I begin the process of healing myself?

” In having a twin flame experience, the gift of the deepest possible healing is activated in your being.”

It seems that most are thrown into the twin flame experience with absolutely not clue what has hit them and with zero idea how to deal with it.

First off I want to say, well done to every last one of you for choosing this amazing gift of healing for yourself, and that now is the time to manifest your soul healing!

The best tip that I can give to people to begin their healing process, is don’t resist it! The more you resist the longer it is going to take you to find peace in your soul.

If you are open to the healing, the how will automatically open up to you. Ask your angels to assist you, they will not help you unless you ask because of free will, so be sure to ask them.

You can’t heal if you think that you are already healed. You can’t heal if you don’t think that there is anything that you need to heal because it is in the past and behind you. I have noticed that nearly all people going through the twin flame experience have had really hard lives, starting in childhood and moving on through your adult life. These traumas don’t just disappear because we want to think that they have.

So you have to be open to healing in order to heal. And you have to be prepared to visit every single shadow that you are trying to hide from.

In order to get the most out of this you will need to be 100% honest with yourself. You will need to tune into yourself and get to know yourself on every level of your being and love who you find there. Deep self awareness is needed for healing along with infinite self love.

If you are someone who believes that you are healed then a good gauge for you to measure is the following:

1) Are you in union with your divine counterpart?
2) Are you living your soul purpose?
3) Is your manifested life one of abundance on every level?
4) Are you in top physical, mental and emotional health?
5) Are all your relationships deeply fulfilling?

If you have answered no to any of the above, then I can guarantee you that you are not completely healed, (besides which, I personally believe that healing is an eternal ongoing process and we only meet ourselves at deeper and deeper levels, our ego wants to attach to the idea that we are perfectly healed or that we have to get to be a certain way. Truth is that there is no destination only the journey and the journey is an ongoing process.)

Now back to the healing…..

We are programmed to think that we should only feel “positive” emotions and all “negative” emotions are bad and therefore we must avoid feeling them. So we suppress them. We push them down as far as we can and think that we are being strong.

The truth is that emotions are the language of the soul. ALL EMOTIONS!!! So when we are feeling something, it is because our soul is trying to send us a message. We need to learn to listen for the message.

The best way to release these past hurts and traumas from our being is to give them the respect and acknowledgment that they deserve.

So when you feel anxious for expample, ask your soul for the lesson in the anxiety. Don’t suppress the anxiety, allow it to be without resistance. Be kind to it and love it and then see how it transforms into something else.

Do the same for all emotions and all memories. They all deserve to be acknowledged, it is in the acknowledging that you are healing and releasing. You are holding space for yourself.

When you give them space to be, you give them the permission to be released and to leave you.

It takes practice to master this and it is an ongoing art to master, but when you practice compassion and love for yourself you will begin to move mountains!

The better you get at it, the faster the releasing will happen. You will find more and more stuff will surface. The more you release and the more you work in conjunction with your angels and guides the more your intuition will strengthen and the more your psychic gifts will develop.

I had been on a healing journey for more than 17 years when I was exposed to my TF experience, so I experienced accelerated healing after my awakening was activated.

Accelerated healing comes with a lot of purging and releasing. It felt like non stop emotional cleansing but I used the above method of allowing it all the space it needed to surface and release. I went through my entire life story at deeper and deeper levels through this process and with each release I was given deeper understanding.

So don’t be afraid to visit your past, because you are going to have to face everything that you have been through in order to be free.

I would like to make a special note: From my experience certain emotions are mask emotions, anger is always a mask for sadness, anxiety is an indication of an overflow of emotions not being looked at, irritation is an indication that you are not paying yourself the attention that you need.

I would love to hear from you in the comments, so please feel free to ask questions and also if you have any topics that you would like me to cover in future blogs just pop it in the comments!

Sending all infinite love and light
Twin Flame Healing

PS: If you would like to book an energy healing session and a TF soul healing and self mastery coaching session please email or DM me.
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