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Twin Flames – How Do You Know If You Are Healing

Twin Flames – how do you know if you are healing

“Healing is not a place you reach, it is an ongoing process of deeper discovery into yourself.”

I had a question a couple of weeks ago, “how do I know if I am healing?” I have essentially made a list of signs of healing, it is by no means complete, but I think it gives a pretty good indication if you are on the right track. So here is my understanding of healing….
My experience of healing is that it is a lifelong process, where you meet yourself on deeper and deeper levels. Always gaining more and more freedom from within as the layers keep getting stripped off. I have been on a committed healing journey for more than 18 years and I am still going strong.
We have lifetimes to shed and multi verses to discover, it is not a rush or a destination.
Being exposed to the twin flame journey means that healing can be massively accelerated but by no means does it mean that you are meant to reach a specific destination which makes you think that you are completely healed.
Part of healing is knowing that we are not meant to be getting somewhere and be perfect. It is knowing that we are perfectly imperfect and every moment of our life is new learning and that is the journey.
Healing is the journey from your head to your heart. Realizing that you have a soul that needs nurturing and healing above all else.
Taking full responsibility for yourself and your happiness and shifting all blame from others and forgiving, that is a really big step in the direction of healing.
No matter how severe the action was against you, forgive the perpetrator, because holding onto bitterness, fear, anger etc only poisons you. It continues to give the other power over you and you feed them energy with those emotions.
Learning to identify your ego, and I mean all of it, that is another huge indicator that you are making progress.
Our ego is the most slippery thing that comes in all guises, including the self sacrificial saint. Learn to know all its guises.
You are open to learning always, realizing that there is always more to learn.
You become aware of all of you, the good the bad and the ugly, and the extremely beautiful and magical too. You embrace all of it.
You own your dark, but you live your light. You do your shadow work and learn to cast your light on all the dark spaces of your being to heal them and love them.

You stop judging yourself and others. You no longer pity yourself or others, you understand that that pity slows down growth and healing and keeps you or others a victim. Yes, you shift out of victim mentality.

You know your strengths and your weakness and own both, losing any need to be defensive, because you know the truth and the truth never offends you.
You lose your need to be competitive, because you embrace your individuality and the unique individuality of others. You only want to be a better version of yourself for yourself.
You start loving yourself on deeper and deeper levels and putting that love into action, by setting healthy boundaries, being kind to yourself, doing things that make you happy, releasing yourself from all suffering and living your worth. Accepting yourself fully.

You accept others fully without any need to change them or control them.

You drop your masks and live from a space of authenticity.
You live with a open heart and a space of vulnerability. Your courage comes from a space of honesty, doing the right thing no matter how scary it may seem.
You have no resistance to where the healing process takes you. You are willing to relive pain from the past until it becomes just a memory with no resistance attached.
You attract healthy, happy, loving relationships to yourself, because you are able to receive love as well as give it. The people in your life love and appreciate you.
Because you know your own worth at the deepest level of your being you want to take care of yourself on all levels, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You live and attract abundance to yourself on all levels.

You are filled with gratitude for all that you have and all that you are and have endless appreciation for everything that you are in contact with.
You have endless compassion for yourself and the more compassion and kindness that you have for yourself the more you have for others.
You feel a deep appreciation and love for the planet and all that dwell on it.
You feel a deep connection to source and to all beings.

You connect with your intuition and higher self and live a divinely guided life.

You are always honest with yourself, so you don’t hide or suppress emotions. You know that being positive all the time is not real. You are real and understand that life is an ebb and flow and therefore all of your emotions have space to be and expressed and released.
You surrender to everything, you stop trying to control the outcomes of everything in your life, you let go of worry and learn to flow.
You listen to your souls calling and do the things it calls you to do, so that you can live your purpose.
And so the list goes on and on and on…. it is a process that never stops. The more you learn the less you know, you just keep becoming lighter and lighter as you go deeper and deeper into the journey.

By no means should anyone feel like they are not healing if they are not ticking all of the boxes, just ticking one box shows that you are on your healing path.

I hope that this has answered your question and helped you.
Wishing all endless healing and love
Twin Flame Healing
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