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The fastest, deepest healing you can get is from self awareness. Know yourself, love yourself, free yourself.” – RLM

I don’t focus on the romantic aspect of the twin flame journey, because I have not been in a romantic relationship with my twin flame. (see my story.)

I focus on you being present in the now, healing your soul and mastering yourself on this journey.

I focus on you being abundantly happy, at peace and free.

I want you to be fully in your personal power and strength regardless of the circumstances in 3D.

I want you to master yourself and heal your soul so that you can experience the ultimate freedom from within.

I help you to find clarity and peace and let go of suffering on your twin flame journey, helping you to get into harmony and union with yourself.

Helping you to integrate your twin flame into your being not your life, so focusing on twin flame integration in yourself not on 3D union.

My focus is 5D consciousness, self love and unconditional love.

I work with all people on a spiritual journey who are wanting to heal and be happy and manifest the life of their dreams through soul healing and self mastery.

I work with all people, not only with people going through the twin flame experience, but because of the uniqueness of the twin flame journey, I reach out to the twin flamers so that they know that they are supported and not alone on their journey, as the journey can be a catapult into spiritual ascension.


I am me, offering energy healing, coaching, guidance, readings and courses.


If you feel drawn to work with me, you can check out my services here.

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